Service integrated, personalized and effective. 

Solbegues offers its customers a comprehensive legal and economic advice, next, personalized and effective to address in a comprehensive manner the needs and concerns arising as an individual, professional and business of our customers.

Personal knowledge of our clients we provide detailed information to respond in the best possible legal advice needs and budget at any level that may arise.

We have the support and collaboration of professionals specialized in different legal and economic areas that may need our customers, in order that the best advice is always updating and practical level in various fields (civil, matrimonial, criminal, administrative, labor, etc ...). Consistently select our associates for overall quality care to our clients

Solbegues offers the guarantee clearly and simply answer the legal and economic needs of our customers, with the presentation of the solution or alternatives, accompanied by a corresponding budget.

By way of example, Solbegues related issues we can solve:

Legal and Economic Consulting individuals: Consultation and judicial court settlement and various legal issues in the field of the family, inheritance, marriage, employment, contractual broadly, criminal, administrative, etc ...

Review and renda filing and heritage (study of the best taxation applicable to each case).

Management Company (companies and freelancers: business or professional activity):

Creation, development and management of civil societies month (SCP) and commercial (SA, SL, SLU, etc ...). Compliance with tax and commercial obligations for each type of societies.

Labor Relations: processing of business documents in compliance with applicable labor standards (high, low, contract, payroll, social insurance, labor inspection authority, etc ...). Legal assistance to the legal claims.

Human Resource Consulting, Recruitment, and Occupational Health and Safety (Mutual and collaboration with specialized firms).

A tax level: processing of business and professional documentation necessary to comply with applicable tax laws. Accounting: monthly gathering activity documentation, preparation and supervision of the accounts of the business and professional activity with advice for proper tax treatment. Delivery of documents posted quarterly with a summary of the economic performance of the business or professional activity of our client.

Quick and easy communication with our customers: email sending the necessary documents (payroll, social insurance, etc...) and the proof of filing taxes (quarterly, annual...).

Our goal that the client has a direct and complete knowledge of the activity, of the obligations and legal and economic responsibilities that entails, providing timely and clear of the evolution of your company, business or profession. 

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