Attention and information quickly and effectively.

Solbegues offers in managing the owners' attention and direct information to the President and owner of the community, so that the issues that arise are resolved quickly and effectively to a proper maintenance of community facilities.

Besides personal attention in our office, we offer communication via email so that information between Solbegues and the community in general is of quality, reporting directly to the improvement of community management.

We consider effective control primary monthly income and expenses of the community, to act immediately to resolve any issues in the community treasury and liquidity of the community.

We provide detailed information to owners by month and concepts of all expenses of the community, providing necessary documentation for verification by the owners. Annually adjusted to contain the EU budget and avoid the monthly actual expenditure deviations community.

We offer the possibility of a second extraordinary meeting of the Community, in the event that the President and / or the administrator sees fit to approve agreements of the community who can not wait for the next annual meeting of the community (every 12 months ), by the urgency and / need to pass a particular agreement (usually urgent repair of a community facility with presentation of budgets).

We trusted partners on any issue related to the communities, with the ultimate goal of obtaining and transferring effective advice to solve problems arising in the community and make decisions more idoneas for proper maintenance. 

You can ask for a free quote, providing the following information in your community:

-Nº of dwellings:
-Nºparking and storage:
-Nº local:
-Community Facilities:

         -Communal swimming pool
         -Solar energy

We we prepare a budget that will be sent by email.


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